Andriod – Relaxing sound & Mindfulness Binaural Beats


Andriod – Relaxing sound & Mindfulness Binaural Beats

Binaural beats music is used by people all over the world as a form of ‘brainwave entrainment’ a process used to entrain the brain into different states that contribute positively to well-being and personal-development.

Free study music and binaural beats app. Brain wave with binaural beats, work, focus, sleep, etc. It also includes a binaural beat generator. With it you can easily generate brain waves that will stimulate your concentration, meditation or relaxation.

Use this free sleep app. You can relax and sleep with sleeping sounds, nature sounds, rain sounds, meditation sounds and white noise and much more. Enjoy the high quality sleep sounds and wake up refreshed. Gain a high-quality sleep you never had!


Relaxing sounds can help you:

✦ Easy to fall asleep, relieve insomnia, tinnitus
✦ Improve mood, ease anxiety and stress
✦ More focused

Binaural Beats Type:

✦ Study
✦ Focus
✦ chanting
✦ Memory
✦ Relaxation
✦ Sleep
✦ Intelligence
✦ Euphoria
✦ Healing
✦ Astral Travel
✦ Intuition
✦ Creativity
✦ Memory
✦ Third Eye

Relaxing Sound Type:

✦ Occean
✦ Forest
✦ Rain
✦ Night
✦ Lake
✦ Creek
✦ Grassland
✦ Cave
✦ Farm
✦ Fire
✦ Waterfall
✦ Underwater
✦ Desert
✦ Train
✦ Air-Travel
✦ Cafe
✦ Harmony