Android Fake Video Call App Template


Android Fake Video Call App Template


What Does This Project Do?

You can create fake call applications with this project template.  Users can create fake calls with videos included in the application.  They choose a countdown time for fake call, fake call occurs when the countdown is over. When the user answers the call, the pre-selected video is displayed. It also shows the user on the front camera. In short, it works just like a video call!


What is the Revenue Model of the App?

The application contains Admob banner and interstitial. You can make money by adding your own ad codes.

What other features ?

The app includes onesignal notification service and Firebase Analytics.  You can send notifications with Onesignal and follow the statistics of your application with Firebase.

Is Code Information Required to Reskin the Project?

No, no code information is required. But you need to be able to use Android Studio. You will receive a detailed reskin document. Everything you need to do is explained here in detail.