Free download Awesome Traffic Bot – Without using VPN & Proxy (Artouched)


Awesome Traffic Bot – Without using VPN & Proxy


The Newest Traffic Bot. The new algorithms have been used in this software therefore you will get 100% organic visitors with using your ISP!!  ATB is NOT a fake/low quality traffic generator!

What is Awesome Traffic Bot ( ATB )?

ATB is 2020’s newest traffic Bot that you can send thousands of pure and completely human IPs to your keywords on Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing and also to your google map page! Therefore, You can send traffic directly to your web pages as well. ATB has 2 big differences compared to other applications. First, it does NOT use Proxies or VPNs that easily can be recognized by Google’s algorithm; ATB uses your ISP for changing IP!! It means IPs are completely organic & pure, and unlimited. This procedure for changing IP is developed for the first time by us!

The second difference, ATB doesn’t use “referrer” in the header of requests for making search engines visitors that are only useful in analytic tools, there are no SEO benefits at all with that method which is using by other bots! ATB searches on the search engines ( Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo) like a real human, scrolls the results, finds your website in the results, then clicks on it. After entering your website, ATB does human actions like scrolling and visiting other web pages of your website, so everything completely corresponds with the google algorithm. With our suggested settings, you will get an appropriate bounce rate for your traffic.

We also provide an additional feature that you can send IP directly to your website without using the search engines.

Note: ATB has 2 different and unique methods for IP generating, one of the methods is BRIDGE MODE. For using this method, you must connect to the internet by LAN cable and a broadband connection. Your modem should be in the bridge mode/PPPOE for using this robot as well. ( you can change the mode of your modem – if it supports. Guides are included in the instruction file ) – Orange routers are Unsupported – FritzBox routers are supported from 2021/02 and also you don’t need to even connect via LAN cable in FritzBox routers!

The second method is 3G/4G MOBILE INTERNET. For using this method, you will need an android phone with android version>=5 and <7, or a rooted android ( all versions are supported in rooted ones ) – NEW: if you have an android phone with android version>=7, we can customize the software for using your phone as well. ATB will use your mobile internet data for Generating IPs and sending the traffic.
NEW: We specially developed a new way for Fritzbox routers and that feature is added on 2021/02/13. Now if you have fritzbox routers, this is your lucky day!

How Does ATB work?

ATB uses your ISP ( internet provider ) for changing IP, so all of the IPs are completely organic & pure & different! ATB doesn’t use VPN or Proxy! ( That’s why we say ATB’s IP changing methods are unique! ). IPs are from the country in which you’re located, so you are just able to get a visitor from your country. It’s because of your ISP.



 -New procedures have been used in ATB for changing and generating an IP ( not using VPN or Proxies )

 –We developed a new way to change IP for Fritzbox routers ( Fritzbox doesn’t have a Bridge mode option, but with this feature, you can use fritz box from now on )

IPs have different user agents ( With different operating systems and browsers ) !! you can choose the type of operating systems

 –ATB changes screen resolution in every visit. If you choose mobile devices, it will use popular mobile devices. if you choose desktop devices, they will use the most popular screen resolution.

 –Send traffic/visitor to your website by search engines ( Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yandex )

 –Send traffic/visitor to your google map’s webpage ( AND click on your website link in there for increasing CTR! )

 –Send traffic/visitor to your website directly without using the search engines option

 –GPS Stimulation. You can set longitude and latitude for GPS location stimulation. This feature is useful for Google Maps SEO.

You can enter public place names in GPS stimulation instead of exact Longitude and Latitude

 –ATB clears cache after searching on the search engines automatically

-ATB recognizes the situation of the search page, and if Recaptcha needs, software going to send Bing visitor until Recaptcha be unneeded, so the software won’t waste your time

 –You can define keywords for sending visitors with no limitation

  Advanced Clicking, From Now on, You can specify elements from your website to click by the bot

 –ATB recognizes the differences between google search AdWords and regular results, so if you have ads running on google, the software won’t wrongly click on your google search adword.

 –Import keywords From. Txt File

 –Doing human actions on the website (like Scrolling, visiting other webpages of your website )

Choose the type of links (internal/all) for surfing while the “visiting other webpages” feature is selected.

 –You can choose the range number of web pages that you want the bot visits per session.

 –Appropriate Bounce rate algorithm

 –Ability to choose the bounce rate of visitors

 –Only 1 IP simultaneously can be sent ( due to our specified IP changing method )

 –Google Adsense risk-free ( even IPs are counted as impressions! )

 – Specified for keywords’ SEO

 –Define time limitation to IP for browsing your website and delaying on your website

 –Define the number of IP that you want to send to your site or you can choose the unlimited option

 –The accurate report for counting sent IPs

 –In-application help and step-by-step instruction pdf file

 –24/7 Technical Support and SEO consultation

 –You can see ATB’s work lively (searching, browsing the website,..).

* Please note that ATB is a helper software in your sites’ keyword SEO, and it’s not an only way for improving!

* You can use ATB only on 3 windows systems with a purchase code that you get.