Fitness, Home Workout Exercise Android App Using Kotlin


Fitness, Home Workout Exercise Android App Using Kotlin

Fitness, Home Workout Android App Using Kotlin

Fitness Home workout application is usefull for home exercise.

Free Fitness App is designed to guide people to perform exercises at home, without any equipment

In today’s fast-paced world, our lifestyle has become so busy that many of us can not afford the time to move our bodies.

Lack of physical activity invites many health issues such as heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and many more.

Free Fitness App assists you with the exercises that are directed by professional gym trainers. All these exercises are easy to carry out, even for beginners.

The Free Fitness App features full-body exercises in leveled manner, from beginner to intermediate, to Advanced. You can perform at you home


  • Developed in android platformThe game is developed using Kotlin Programming Language in Android Studio Platform.
  • Intriguing customizable UIThe game has beautiful User Interface which can be customized as per the user’s requirement.
  • Equipped with google admobGoogle Admob is implemented in this app. Publish google ads, market other brands, and earn with Google.
  • Fully customizable codeThis Android Native Project is developed with fully customizable code. You can easily modify the game.
  • Ready to release appThis is a complete project. You can upload it on Google Playstore right away.
  • Intro ScreenGreat Animated Intro Screen when first time application start show intro screen with great animation
  • Workout List With Great UIWorkout list with great great design. 13 Workout Available. Arm Intermediate. Leg Beginner, Leg Intermediate, Leg Advanced, Shoulder And Back Intermediate,Shoulder And Back Advanced, Yoga Beginner, Chest Beginner, Chest Intermediate, Chest Adavanced, ABS Beginner, ABS Intermediate, ABS Advanced
  • Exercise ListExercise list workout wise.
  • Exercise Detail DialogYou can view Exercise details click on any exercise list item.
  • Auto Play ExerciseAuto Play Exercise with rest period.
  • SoundSound will play in auto exercise. it ask half time left. before start info and ending info by sound
  • Calender View HistoryYou can track datewise workouts history with time.
  • ReportsYou can view your exercise report in this tab
  • Workout BanefitsUser can view workout banefits in profile tabs
  • Rest Time ChangeUser can change workout rest time.
  • Count Down TimeUser can change count down time
  • Sound SettingsYou can mute sounds from settinsVoice LanguageUser can change voice language,Uk,Canada, canada french, italian, japanese, english, french, us
  • Rate UsUser will redirect to play store
  • FeedbackUser will send mail
  • Share AppUser can share play store link using this option
  • Privacy PolicyPrivacy policy for user.