Rose Business Suite – Accounting, CRM and POS Software


  • Rose Business Suite – Accounting, CRM and POS Software

    Superior Business Solution – Elegant Design & Features Powered By Laravel LTS

    It is a Laravel Version of Geo POS with many extra features

    Rose Business Suite is a premium and feature rich billing application . The application is developed over Laravel framework. It has all essential features required by a small business or an enterprise level business .
    Standard Invoicing, Subscription, Easy POS with Mobile Support, Quotations, Credit Notes. Stock Purchase Manager, Inventory Management & Transfer, Client and Supplier management, Tasks & Project Management, Accounts with Custom Types and Dual Entry, Vast Data & Reports, CRON JOBS, Employee Management with custom user roles. It has options for all types of tax, like Exclusive, Inclusive and GST.

    Detailed Documentation and Installation. How to use videos included. Application is developed with Laravel , you can scale with large size of database.


    30 Languages are available, check the bottom of the page..


    • Tax – Inclusive, Exclusive & GST
    • Multiple Products Units with Group Units like Boxes
    • Subscriptions Module


    Mobile Supported Point of Sale

    • Elegant Point Of Sale
    • Support for Multiple Payments
    • 3 POS Screens Style
    • Dedicated POS Style and Settings for each employee
    • POS Registers Log
    • QR Code Due Invoices

    Subscriptions/Recurring Invoice Module

    • Subscription Management Module for recurring invoices
    • Support for Online Card Payment
    • Preforma Invoice
    • Integrated Stock Manager
    • Get online payment with unique invoice link
    • Decent Invoice A4 & Compact POS Printing


    • Send Quotes with proposal as Email
    • Convert quotes to invoices
    • Customer can approve quote

    Stock Purchase Orders

    • Send Purchase receipt with your stock requirement to supplier
    • Integrated to Inventory Manager

    Stock Management

    • Improved & Intelligent Product Variations System
    • Track Stock Worth with category ,warehouse
    • Add Product Serials
    • Manage products with live stock status
    • Get Email Alerts of low stock items

    Client Management

    • Manage Customer and Contacts
    • Customer Wallet
    • Customer Reports

    Stock Suppliers

    • Manage Stock Purchase orders
    • Payment records
    • Suppliers Reports

    Accounts & Transactions

    • Custom Type Company Accounts
    • Organised Balance Sheet
    • Optional Dual Entry System
    • Custom Transactions and Transaction Categories


    • Custom tax,discount and grouped units per products
    • Delivery Note


    • Custom Roles & 70+ Permissions
    • Salary management with Payroll
    • Attendance with Self Attendance or Manual

    Project & Task Manager

    • Easy to use project manager linked with calender and Task Manager module
    • Employee can assign direct tasks to other employees and link to calender



    • Twilio, TextLocal, Clockwork, msg91, BulkSMS Gateway ( and Custom SMS Service Integration
    • Google reCaptcha (Optional) to enhance security
    • Short invoice URL in SMS ( )
    • Notes
    • Automated Cron Jobs
    • Preloaded Payments Gateways
    • TAX Statements
    • Editable Email & SMS Templates

    Ready to use Payment Gateways

    • Stripe
    • PayPal


      • FAQ

    Are future updates free?

    Yes! Future updates are completely free and we publish a lot of updates, based on your features suggestions.

    • Is it one time payment? Yes! You need to pay one time only.


    Nice Printable Invoices – template included

    The application offers a well organized pretty invoice template to print, you can edit the template file in code to make minor adjustments.