Super Ninja Run Hell Escape – Complete Unity Game


Super Ninja Run Hell Escape – Complete Unity Game

Top Trending Runner 3D Unity Game Source Code with Nice Wonderfull Levels, Cool Graphics And Animations. Also with Admob Ads Integrated.

How to Play?

  • Use Arrow Buttons to Move Ninja Player
  • Up Arrow for Jump and Down Arrow for Hang on walls or to Flip
  • Use Knife or Sword Button to Kill Enemies
  • Wait for Slash time to fill and Throw Blades


  • EPIC BOSS FIGHTS: 3 Powerful bosses
  • CHALLENGING LEVELS: 3 Worlds with 30 unique levels
  • LOTS OF ENEMIES: fight against a challenging array of enemies including flying creatures, monsters, insects and tough bosses.
  • MASTER SKILLS OF NINJA: Jump, Dash, Dart, Sword, Wall Sliding,…
  • UPGRADE SKILLS: collect coins to buy item and upgrade the ninja skill
  • GRAPHICS AND SOUND: epic background and boss fight music
  • UNITY INAPPS Purchase
  • 64 Bit Supported

Here is Demo APK

Here is Re-skin Document