WooCommerce Whatsapp Order


WooCommerce Whatsapp Order

In today’s modern world mobile phones are the fastest source of communication. With every passing day businesses are utilizing this facility to interact with customers to ensure close interaction and minimize the possibility to lose potential deals and customers. Progos – WooCommerce WhatsApp Order empowers your woocommerce e-store to allow customers to order on whatsapp which you can respond to instantly and ensure that customer gets feedback as soon as possible. Moreover, you gets customer phone number to whom you can send offers about which your customers gets to know instantly rather than mailing offers which most of the time may go un-noticed.

Progos – WooCommerce WhatsApp Order possess all the great tools which are not provided by any other WooCommerce Whatsapp Order plugin. You can choose to allow users based on country, role and user type (registered users/guests) to order on WhatsApp also you can allow WhatsApp orders on specific products or product categories. You can enable quick WhatsApp order on single product or enable multi-products order via WhatsApp cart on any product or category of product and more. In short this plugin provides you the flexibility to apply any sort of settings

Key Features:

  • Add WhatsApp order button on selected products or categories.
  • Allow registered users, guests or both WhatsApp order.
  • Enable WhatsApp order to specific countries only or for customers of any Country.
  • Enable WhatsApp order for specific user roles or all users.
  • Make different rules sets for different products and categories.
  • Make use of our amazing form builder to create forms which you can add to any rule and collect any sort of information you want from the customer along with the order.
  • Set a rule to allow customer to order a product individually and instantly or set it to allow customer to add multiple products to WhatsApp cart and subsequently submit order through WhatsApp.
  • You can also see and keep track of the order request in admin dashboard as well where all the WhatsApp order requests are stored.
  • If you have kept an email field in the form then you can email customer by visiting his/her order request in admin dashboard and just clicking his/her email address.
  • Another great feature which this plugin provides you is the general inquiry feature using which customers can ask you anything.

Front-End View

WhatsApp order button based on rule settings is displayed on archive and product page.


Here WhatsApp Single product order is allowed for a variable product, user can select any variation, enter a quantity and click WhatsApp Order button.


As user clicks on Buy now button popup form based on rule settings appear to the user, user fills in the fields and clicks Order on WhatsApp button. After this Order details are saved as order request which admin can see in admin dashboard and user is redirect to WhatsApp web or mobile app editor based on device.


This is a demo message received by admin from customer for single product WhatsApp order.


If Multi product order is enabled then as user clicks on Add to WhatsApp cart button product is added to WhatsApp cart and user can see the button “View WhatsApp Cart” upon this if user clicks user is redirected to WhatsApp cart page from where user can submit order.


Here is the WhatsApp cart page. Below cart items is the form set in rule configured by admin. User fills in the form and clicks “Order on WhatsApp” button. Order details are saved as order request which admin can see in admin dashboard and User is redirect to WhatsApp web or mobile app editor based on device.


Below is an example WhatsApp multi-product order message received by admin.


A great complementary feature which this plugin provides you is the general query. User can hover the WhatsApp icon which is displayed on bottom left or bottom right of every page based on admin settings, this message interface pops out. It greets the user and asks for a query.

Admin can change this greeting/heading and the question from admin dashboard.

User can type his/her query in the editor and click the send icon which redirects user to his WhatsApp editor from where user and send the query to admin.