WordFex – Syncronize WordPress with Perfex


WordFex – Syncronize WordPress with Perfex

Note: This plugin requires Perfex REST API in order to sync your data. If you dont own a license for Perfex REST API, you can get one here.

Brief description

This is a WordPress plugin which syncs your new user signups from your WordPress or WooCommerce website with you Perfex’s CRM Leads/Customers.

Once it’s enabled and configured, all new users/customers of your WordPress installation will be synced as Leads or Customers (according to your selection) with your Perfex CRM’s respective section (Leads/Customers).

This plugin synchronizes the default data of a WordPress user (First name/Last Name/Email/Website).

If you have additional fields there you would like to integrate in your Perfex CRM, please raise a support ticket at our clients area, and guys from support will review your request.


– A WordPress website with or without WooCommerce
– Perfex REST API.
– One minute of your free time, in order to configure the plugin using our provided documentation