What the plugin doesRedirect automatically users from different parts of the world to pages created in their language.
How you can benefit from it:

  • You will have total control on any redirect based on the IP address, showing only ad hoc pages dedicated to a language or a specific country
  • You will improve your conversion rate by showing custom and targeted contents to your customers


  • Create one or more redirect rules for your website
  • Choose the country to which the redirect rule applies
  • Choose the HTTP status code to associate to each redirect rule
  • Make a redirect based on:
    • your website domain
    • custom URLs
    • custom URLs matching regular expressions
    • all the posts of your website (or just one of them)
    • all the pages of your website (or just one of them)
    • all the categories of your website (or just a specific one)
    • all the tags of your website (or just a specific one)
    • all the products of your shop (or just a specific one)
    • the shop archive page
  • Choose the destination URL among the following:
    • a custom URL
    • a post from the website
    • a page from the website
    • a product detail page
    • a category detail page
    • a tag detail page
  • Choose on which devices redirect rules have to apply:
    • desktop
    • mobile
    • all devices
  • Choose to redirect only users who visit the page for the first time (after that, they will no longer be redirected, they will regularly access the selected page unless the cookie has expired)
  • Exclude users from a certain country from being redirected
  • Exclude one or more IP addresses from being redirected