What the plugin doesEnable a multi-currency system in your shop and allow users to see and pay for products in their own local currency
How you can benefit from it:

  • Make your e-commerce store ready for international sales and add an unlimited number of currencies;
  • Show a currency switcher everywhere on your site to allow users to see prices and pay in their favorite currency
  • Geolocate users and automatically show prices in the currency of their origin country;
  • Create custom rules to set which currencies need to be shown to users from specific countries;
  • Hide specific payment methods to users who are paying in a specific currency;
  • Set exchange rates manually or use the API to update them automatically from different sources (like the European Central Bank)
  • Set optional exchange fees to cover the fees applied by the bank or by the money transfer operator;


  • Enable currencies in shop
    • Enable unlimited currencies and set the default one
    • Enter a label to identify each currency
    • Set the currency position and the thousand separator for each currency
    • Set how many decimals to show and how to round them
    • Choose to display a flag for the currency. You can use one of the icons included in the plugin or upload a custom one.
  • Currencies rates
    • Each currency has a rate and commissions field
    • Choose to set rates manually or automatically
    • Choose from a list of aggregators for automatic rates
    • Validate the aggregator to avoid errors
    • Enter a rate manually if a currency enabled in your shop is not available in the aggregator
    • Select the time interval for automatic rate updates
  • Geolocation options
    • Enable geolocation to show the user location currency
    • Force currency selection by customer country based on shipping or billing address
    • Create advanced geolocation rules to show a specific currency for users of specific countries (Example: Show prices in USD-$ to all users from Brazil)
  • Multi-currency options in products & coupons
    • Override general currency settings in product editing page, both single and variable products: for all products you can set a price in each currency enabled in your shop
    • Coupon creation in each currency
  • Payment options
    • Hide specific gateways for specific currencies (Example: hide “PayPal” for users that pay in USD-$, show “Bank transfer” only to user that pay in EUR-€)
    • Set a default currency for checkout: you can force checkout to a specific currency, force to the Customer selected currency or force to the customer’s country
  • Tools, shortcodes & widgets
    • Create and customize unlimited shortcodes: Currencies list, Currency Alphabetic list, Currency converter, Currency rates. For each shortcode you can choose the style (checkbox, select, simple list, etc.) and if show or not the flags.
    • Show the shortcodes everywhere in your shop using the YITH Multi Currency Shortcode widget, the shortcode itself or the Gutenberg block. You can show a currency selector in the shop header, in a sidebar, in the footer, etc.
    • Enable the “Sticky currencies” option to show a fixed lateral panel with the currencies availables in your shop
    • Enable a shortcode in the single product pages to show a price converter or another widget in all products
    • Customize colors for widgets, shortcodes, blocks