What the plugin doesEnable or disable some payment methods for every product of your store based on your needs.

How you can benefit from it:

  • You can exclude too expensive payment methods for every single product
  • You can choose the payment method to show or hide depending on the cart amount, product tags, etc.
  • You can choose the bank to be used in case of payments with bank transfer


  • Create restriction rules for all the payment gateways enabled
  • Set one or more conditions for each restriction rule
  • Disable the payment gateway when one or more of the following conditions occur:
    • the cart includes one or more products of those selected
    • the cart includes one or more products of categories selected
    • the cart includes one or more products of tags selected
    • cart total amount is lower, equal or higher than the amount set in the rule
    • the user is from one of the specified countries
    • the user has one of the specified roles
  • Decide if geolocation restrictions work using IP location or billing country New
  • Automatically switch the bank account to be used depending on the purchase conditions of the user
  • Notify the lack of a payment gateway with a custom message at the checkout
  • Let shop managers manage payment restriction settings