What the plugin doesEnable a store locator on your website and allow your customers to easily reach your points of sale by getting directions in real time and based on their current position.
How you can benefit from it:

  • Strengthen your brand image and promote your physical stores in a positive way, especially if you own a franchise or a chain of shops in different area’s or countries;
  • Improve the purchase experience by giving your customers clear information instantly about how to get to the shop and buy products on site;
  • Enable the geolocation so your users can get real-time directions based on their position;
  • Set up filters and categories to let the user locate those shops offering specific services or facilities (like free parking, SPA, home delivery etc.)



  • Create one or multiple store listings and display them on a map
  • For each store you can set:
    • address information
    • Add a description and images
    • contact information; with a custom contact Url button
    • Advanced settings including a custom URL to redirect users to Google page information or website
    • custom text for opening hours
    • set a map icon for each store
  • Create Filters for the stores and create new values for each
  • Add custom labels and icons for each section
  • Choose your favorite type for each filter from
    • select
    • checkbox
  • Show individual detail pages for each store
  • 2 different layouts for the store detail page (classic & alternative)


  • Choose the loader from the 4 available icons or upload a custom one
  • Style the loader
  • Choose to enable or disable the following sections:
    • map
    • info modal
    • radius circle on the map
    • search bar and filters
    • geolocation
    • results
    • ‘View all’ button
  • Enable the full-width store locator page layout
  • Set the width of the map and results columns


  • Display the info modal on hover with individual settings and styling options
  • Set the position of the map to left or right with margin settings
  • Distance unit can be set in Kilometers or Miles
  • Enable and style the pin info in the map
  • Set the map to display a road map or satellite
  • Set the default position and zoom level
  • Use custom styles for the map using Google JSON
  • Enable the auto geolocation once the page is loaded
  • Style the geolocation button with a custom button text
  • Show a circle in the map to identify the user address in the map


  • Set the position of search and filters (above or beside the map)
  • Show results in one or two columns
  • Set a custom text for the search feature including a ‘no result’ custom text
  • Style the search bar and filters
  • 2 layout options to show your filters
    • Dropdown
    • Opened
  • Enable the instant search or load results using the “Search” button
  • Use a custom button to show all results in a list
  • Set info to show for store results (name, description, address, ‘get direction’ link, image, contact info button and details, visit website link and opening hours)
  • Set a list of step to use the filter radius
  • Highlight featured stores in the list
  • Style the featured store badge and text
  • Many more styling options for each section of the Store Locator plugin including additional CSS and JS code fields