What the plugin doesManage complex transactions such as splitting payments both for a single product and for the whole store automatically.
How you can benefit from it:

  • You can pay commissions manually or automatically
  • You can split your store earnings with other business partners
  • You can create and share a store with other partners and split the payments automatically
  • You can benefit from new business models you have precluded so far


  • Connect Stripe account
  • Compliant with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) New
  • Insert an unlimited number of receivers
  • Support to Direct Charges and Destination Charges (only under specific conditions) New
  • Support to Multibanco New
  • Assign fixed commission
  • Assign percentage commission
  • Associate commissions to sales of all products
  • Associate commissions to specific products
  • Postpone commission payments
  • Pay commission automatically
  • Pay manual commission directly
  • Print a PDF summary of the commissions (admin and receiver)
  • Live test modus
  • Monitor commissions from the dashboard
  • Save cards for future purchases New