What the plugin doesGenerate and apply barcodes and QR codes to your products automatically.
How you can benefit from it:

  • You will generate and integrate barcodes on the products of your e-commerce automatically and quickly;
  • Thanks to the barcode scan, you will improve the management of your e-commerce order statuses, stock, etc. Everything will be easier and faster;
  • Get a printable list of all barcodes to create stickers for your physical products;
  • Show the barcodes on the product pages;
  • Allow your users to search by barcode to easily find what they are looking for;
  • Integrate with Point Of Sale for quick checkout of physical products.


  • Assign a barcode or a QR code to orders and/or to products
  • Generate codes for orders and/or new products automatically
  • Generate the product barcode using the product ID, SKU or a custom field
  • Generate the order barcode using the order ID, number or a custom field
  • Choose the protocol to use to generate the codes among 10 product barcode protocols available
    • EAN-13
    • EAN-8
    • UPC-A
    • STD 25
    • INT 25
    • CODE 39
    • CODE 93
    • CODE 128
    • Codabar
    • QR Code
  • Generate codes for the products already available in your shop in an automatic way
  • Generate barcodes for variable products
  • Regenerate barcodes
  • Delete barcodes from product edit page and order page
  • Scan and search orders and products by barcode
  • Show the barcode on the product detail page
  • Show the order and product barcode in the order emails
  • Use the product URL to generate the QR Code
  • Add automatic actions to the plugin shortcodes: decrease/increase product stock or change the order status by scanning the barcode
  • Print all your product barcodes into a PDF file, variations included
  • Show product image, name, price, sku and/or short description in the printable list
  • Print multiple copies of the same product barcode