What the plugin doesCheck your customers’ behavior while visiting your e-commerce, the products they view and the ones they are more interested in.
How you can benefit from it:

  • It allows you to have a wider overview of your customers’ preferences in addition to the one got through Analytics
  • You will increase conversions by sending custom offers to users, depending on their searches or on products they viewed more frequently.


  • Display the total and average amount of the purchase made by each user in your shop
  • Save all the steps that users (logged in and not) make during their sessions
    • visited pages
    • search keys used in your site
    • completed orders
  • Send a custom email manually to any one of the registered users
  • Check the complete list of orders associated to a specific user
  • View the list of orders made by the customer in the order details page
  • Dedicated statistics to check:
    • how many times the page has been visited
    • how many times the search key has been typed on the site
    • verify user’s purchase total amount
  • Track the visits generated by the BOTs
  • Export/import sessions, statistics, searches and emails
  • Save the IP address used by the user to access the site
  • Track user’s source URL